Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh my gosh, has it been over a month since I last blogged?   Time seems to speed by during the holidays.  I hope you all had a great holiday!  I know I did.  I'm one of those crazy woman who likes to make my own handmade Christmas cards.  I made a total of 40 cards, and it took me a solid week to complete them all.  I thought I'd share a card I did last year, that although it looks simple, there was a lot of work involved, along with a lot of hair pulling!

This snow globe has a back piece covering the front part of the card that prevents you from seeing through to the inside of the card. I hand punched a lot of the pieces, and the snowman was hand cut out of thick glitter paper.  As I said, looks simple, but really was a lot of hard work.  I love the embossing of the snow and the base of the globe.  If you all decide to try and reproduce a card like this, then hopefully you won't struggle as much as I did.  Although one card is a lot easier than 40!

Next I'd like to share a card that I made for my Grandson.  He's a huge Spiderman fan and I decided to try my hand at a special card for him.  I cut the web out of my Cricut, and hand cut the eyes out.  The letters are punched out of card stock, using a Martha Stewart punch.  This was such a simple card to create, and he just loved it.  I hope you all have a fantastic New Year, and I wish you all happiness, love and creativity!  Happy crafting!!!!!