Thursday, May 21, 2015

Computer Issues

It seems lately that I've been plagued with one computer issue after another.  So very frustrating!  Thank you everyone for being so patient with my infrequent blogging.  Hopefully I'll get this all taken care of soon.

I just found out today that I didn't win the Michael's trip to Paris.  Oh well.  I'm still glad that I entered.  The person who won did a beautiful painting of her daughter seeing Paris for the first time.  A lot of people were upset because she is a professional artist.  I understand their feelings, but unfortunately Michael's didn't have any separate entries for professional or amateur crafters.  They really should have.  Hopefully they will learn from their mistakes, and do better in their future contests.

Lately I've been in bed quite a bit with my pain issues, and that makes it hard to get crafting done as much as I'd like.  A few things I did accomplish was a couple of cards that I created using some cardmaking kits that are made by Anna Griffin, and distributed by HSN.  I love anything Anna Griffin, and HSN is the best place to find her items at a really reasonable price.  Just about everything is included in the kits except the glue.  You should check out HSN when they have crafting on.  Last week they had on 24 hours of crafting items.  Good for me, not good for my wallet!  These are a few of the cards I made with the Anna Griffin kits:

The inside of the card above:

The inside of the above card:

As you can all see these are beautiful cards.  I love the pop ups!  As I said everything is included in these kits.  All you need is a little imagination of where to place the items, and the possibilities are endless.  Give it a try!  Happy crafting!

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