Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Time sure flies.  Someday's I can't believe that all this time has passed.  Hope you all had great holidays.  Mine could have been better.  My son was in the hospital for a solid month throughout  all of the holidays in December, and January.  He was in intensive care for six days, and  it was terrifying.  Your life can change in an instant.  We all go about our days assuming that everyone that we love will be there tomorrow, and they just might not be.  Luckily my son pulled through.  He's in for a long rehab, but thank God it didn't turn out differently.  I did manage to do my homemade Christmas cards while balancing them on my lap.   I know in times of stress I don't know what I'd do without my artistic endeavors.  It is such a stress reliever.  It's how I've managed to stay sane throughout any stress, and throughout all my chronic pain issues.  Well on to crafting!

I know it's late, but I thought I'd share my Christmas card.  I'm a huge snoopy fan.  I saw this stamp and couldn't resist.  Hope you all like it!  I'll try and blog again in a couple of days.  Happy crafting!!

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