Friday, November 4, 2016

Time Flies!

Wow time flies when your not feeling well.  It's been quite awhile since my last post and I apologize.  I'm going through some health issues right now, and have been struggling getting anything done.  Art has always been my therapy.  I've had many health issues, and live with chronic pain.  It's not a life I chose, but a life that was forced on me by an inexperienced surgeon.  After 16 years, I'm still struggling.  I guess we all struggle, some different than others.  Creating art has been my salvation.  It continues to pull me through tough times, and sometimes you just have to force yourself to do it.  Even if I have no idea what to create, I force myself to at least add some paint to paper, or just doodle some designs.  Every little effort releases stress.  Give yourself permission to play.

Were all so worried that we have to make something that looks beautiful.  Something that others will judge, and hopefully come away liking what we do.  I'm here to say "so what"!  Who cares if anyone likes it?  Who cares if anyone sees what I create from my heart.  I don't create for others, I create for myself.  I blog for myself.  I don't care that I don't have very many followers on my blog, I'm just thrilled that I have more than 1!  It means the world to me that someone out there might relate to what I'm experiencing,  or that someone enjoys my artwork.  I hope some of you can relate, and I'll now get off my soap box.  Thanks for listening.  On to the art!

This is a piece that I created through the Brave Girls website at I was taking a class called Soul Restoration.  This is such a healing course.  Check it out if you could use a little help dealing with old, lingering issues holding you back.  I used a 5"x7" canvas panel I got at Michaels.  I then sprayed Ranger Dylusion's ink onto the canvas.  I like to take the lid off the spray and drop little drops of ink onto the canvas.  I then took modeling paste and swirled it on with my finger to look like flowers.  I let that dry, then applied purple acrylic paint to the swirls.   I then applied white acrylic paint to my finger and just brushed over the top of the flowers to highlight them.  I used a Martha Stewart stencil to apply the doilies. 

I  cut out the birds and butterfly, and applied them on top of the swirled flowers.  I applied washi tape to the top and bottom.  The course offered sayings to print and cutout, and I chose three that applied to me.  I attached these with glue.  I hope you all enjoy my latest creation.  Thanks for letting me share, and happy crafting!

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